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ANAO report shows Home Affairs must be broken up

The Liberal Government’s disastrous handling of citizenship cases shows the Department of Home Affairs must be broken up, Greens Immigration and Citizenship spokesperson Nick McKim says.

“As the Australian National Audit Office has today made clear, the Liberals have dragged their feet on citizenship timeframes since the Department of Home Affairs was created,” Senator McKim said.

“This is borne out of the Liberals’ fundamental disrespect for migrants, and obsession with kicking people out of our society, and that culture has clearly infected the department.”

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Developments in the TWWHA

Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim has referred the Tasmanian government's soliciting and facilitiation of private developments in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area to the Integrity Commission.
“There is damning evidence that the management plan has been totally corrupted by the Liberals so their developer mates can make a few bucks," Senator McKim said.
"The Liberals have put profit over environment, and greed over integrity.”

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Labor locks in cruelty to refugees

Labor’s commitment to the cruelty of offshore detention and boat turnbacks is disappointing, but not surprising, Greens immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.

“Labor cannot call themselves progressive while they continue to support these inhumane measures” Senator McKim said.

“Indefinite detention on Manus Island and Nauru, which began under Labor, has destroyed so many lives.”

“The tide has turned on offshore detention – the Australian people want it to end.”

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Urgent action needed to save Tassie’s East Coast reefs

The federal and state governments must take action to save Tasmania’s East Coast reefs.

“Our reefs are far too important to lose, but right now they are being devastated by urchin barrens and the rapidly warming waters of Tasmania’s East Coast,” Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim said.

“Tasmania’s East Coast is one of the world’s ocean warming hotspots, and the destruction of our reefs will have widespread impacts on species that rely on them and the wider marine environment.”

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Morrison’s new laws must not undermine anti-discrimination protections

Nick McKim 13 Dec 2018

A Religious Discrimination Act should not be used to undermine or override state based anti-discrimination laws, the Australian Greens say, following the release of the government’s response to the Ruddock Review.

Greens Justice spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said: “Religious freedom cannot be viewed in isolation, nor should it be used as a political weapon in an act of vengeance for the marriage equality vote.”

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Senate calls on Environment Minister to call in Lake Malbena development

The Senate has today called on federal Environment Minister Melissa Price to conduct a full assessment of the Lake Malbena development, including public consultation.

Greens Senator Nick McKim successfully passed a motion that pointed out the major problems with the development and approvals process.

“This development represents the privatisation of some of the most precious areas of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area,” Senator McKim said.

The people of Tasmania are clear – they don’t support this development.”

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Greens table Senate’s largest ever petition to protect takayna/Tarkine

Tasmanian Greens Senators Nick McKim and Peter Whish-Wilson have tabled the Senate’s largest ever petition, calling for takayna/Tarkine to be protected as a World Heritage Area.

“takayna/Tarkine is a precious part of Tasmania that should be looked after on behalf of the entire world,” Senator McKim said.

“Some 270,000 people have signed this petition, which just shows the depth of feeling about takayna across Tasmania, Australia and the world.”

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Defence call out laws

Nick McKim 27 Nov 2018

The passage of laws to make it easier for Governments to use the army within Australia is a dangerous step for our country, Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim said.

“Armies are not primarily trained for policing situations. They are trained to fight wars,” Senator McKim said.

“It is police forces that are trained primarily to maintain order and to keep the peace domestically in our country.”

“This legislation further blurs the lines between police forces and the Australian Defence Force, and is certain to be abused by authoritarian governments in the future.” 

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Dutton and Morrison’s latest attack on the rule of law

Nick McKim 22 Nov 2018

Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton’s plans to leave people stateless is yet another attack on the rule of law and people’s fundamental rights, Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim says.

“This is another dangerous step down the road to a police state. It undermines the rule of law and the presumption of innocence,” Senator McKim said.

“Leaving people stateless was even a step too far for Tony Abbott. It is a disgrace that this government could even consider such a move.”

“Dutton has repeatedly shown he cannot be trusted with the massive powers he already has.”

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