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Amnesty International's report demands a response

Amnesty International's Island of Despair report should force members of the government and Labor Party to publicly renounce Australia's deliberately cruel offshore detention regime.

Australian Greens Leader Richard Di Natale said the report was an indictment on successive governments. 

“This is a policy that systematically tears families apart, robs kids of any hope and deprives them of a future," Senator Di Natale said.

“I am convinced that a future government will be forced to apologise for the actions of this government’s systematic abuse of innocent people who are doing nothing other than coming to Australia to seek protection.

“We’ve got voices inside both the Coalition and the Labor party who we know don’t support their parties policies on this issue. I urge them to speak up. I appeal to the PM and Opposition leader, let’s work together to get these children out of detention and to give them a future.”

Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim said the fairest and most compassionate way to help asylum seekers was to bring them to Australia.

"This report makes it crystal clear that what is happening on Nauru is torture, and that Australia bears the ultimate responsibility for that," Senator McKim said.

"We cannot solve humanitarian crises by creating new ones."

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