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Audit Office confirms Dutton's department has gone rogue

The release of another scathing audit of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection confirms Peter Dutton has lost control of his portfolio and its budget, Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.

"What a bloody shambles," Senator McKim said.

"This audit confirms that $1.1 billion of taxpayers' money was spent without proper authority, while there is no record of who authorised the spending of a further $1.1 billion." 

"This is yet another indictment on Minister Dutton's capacity to manage the taxpayer dollars he has been entrusted with."

"He would clearly have difficulty procuring a beer in a brewery."

"The government's offshore detention regime has been a human rights tragedy, and we now know that it is a financial disaster too."

"Quite frankly, this audit paints the picture of a department that has gone rogue and needs to be brought to heel, and a Minister who is not up to that job."

"The Australian people deserve accountability. It's their money after all."  

The audit can be found here:

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