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Christmas Island reopening a cynical waste

The Liberals spending $185m to reopen and then close Christmas Island is rank cynicism and deeply wasteful, Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.

“This is effectively $185 million spent on a press conference, so Scott Morrison could spread his message of hate and division, ” Senator McKim said.

“Not a single refugee or person seeking asylum has been transferred to this centre. It is tens of millions of dollars wasted on a press conference.”

“This is money that should be spent on resettling people here in Australia, or on climate  action, or raising Newstart or myriad other worthy causes.”

“This is the same Scott Morrison who begrudged a few thousand dollars being spent so refugees could attend the funerals of their relatives.”

“This cynical stunt just shows the depth of his hypocrisy and meanness of spirit.”

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