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Citizenship Laws Should Be Scrapped, Not Amended

Media Release
Nick McKim 26 Nov 2015

The Government’s confirmation that its flawed Citizenship Bill will be amended yet again is another argument against its passage through Parliament, Greens legal affairs spokesperson Senator Nick McKim says.

“No matter what changes the government makes, the Bill does nothing to make Australians safer – either at home or overseas,” Senator McKim said.

"In fact, by forcing Australian dual nationals who engage in violent extremism to leave the country or not return to Australia, we risk making the world, and therefore Australia, less safe.

"The safest place for Australian citizens suspected or convicted of acts of violent extremism, either at home or overseas, is in custody here in Australia.

"We have a duty to people from other nations, and our loved ones living and travelling overseas, to ensure that any of our citizens convicted of a terrorist offence are dealt with by the justice system here in Australia. 

“The way to fix these laws is to consign them to the dustbin, not the drafting office.

“The Greens continue to hold major concerns about the effect of these laws on civil rights, even with the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security amendments.”

“If Malcolm Turnbull wants to show he is serious about ending Tony Abbott’s era of machismo, he should start by scrapping this Bill.”


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