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Dutton and Turnbull abandon the men of Manus Island

Media Release
Nick McKim 16 May 2017

The Australian government is preparing to completely wash its hands of the men it has detained for four years on Manus Island.

"After four years of hell overseen by the Australian government, these men have now have to make an impossible choice," Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim said.

"The walls of the detention centre were the only thing between asylum seekers and heavy gunfire last month – now Peter Dutton wants to knock down the walls."

"The tragic likelihood is that people will come to harm or die because of this decision. If this happens the blood will be on Peter Dutton's hands."

"The men are scared, and feel like they are being dumped and left to rot."

"This represents a shocking abrogation of our legal and moral responsibility for people who have reached out a hand and sought our assistance."

"PNG is not safe for the men. They need to be brought to Australia so we can look after them properly."

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