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Dutton shifts his prisoners between islands

Peter Dutton trying to move his Manus Island prisoners to Nauru is a cruel and unfair move which reeks of panic and desperation, Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.

“The men on Manus Island have suffered long enough, yet Dutton wants to take them out of one frying pan and straight into another one,” Senator McKim said.

“Amnesty International says the conditions in Dutton’s Nauru prison amount to torture – it is clearly not a suitable place for people seeking asylum.”

“This so-called offer will be met with deep scepticism by detainees who have had their rights abused for years by Labor and Liberal. They know full well that this offer has not been made out of concern for their welfare.”

“Instead of trying to shift people from one offshore prison nightmare to another, Dutton should be evacuating the camps and bringing all the people there to Australia so they can be looked after properly.”

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