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Dutton's new department an attack on freedom

The creation of a new supersized department of Australia’s security and immigration agencies led by Peter Dutton would move Australia closer to becoming a police state, Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim says.

“Labor and the Liberals have spent the last 15 years trying to frighten Australians to justify eroding our fundamental freedoms and liberties," Senator McKim said.

"This is another step down that terrifying road.”

"If we want to get an idea of how this department will look, all we need to do is look at what has happened on Manus Island and Nauru on Peter Dutton's watch.

"His legacy so far is one of death, torture, illegal detention, forced deportations, secrecy and a complete absence of compassion and decency."

"Given the sweeping new powers granted to security and immigration agencies by Labor and the Liberals in recent years, we need to see greater accountability, not less."

"Merging these portfolios and giving Peter Dutton the key will mean the ongoing erosion of more hard won freedoms and liberties."

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