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Federal Government’s Woeful Response to Access to Justice Report

Media Release
Nick McKim 30 Apr 2016

Attorney-General George Brandis continues to ignore the massive barriers preventing access to justice across Australia, Greens spokesperson for legal affairs Nick McKim says.

“Senator Brandis’ response to the Productivity Commission’s report was contemptuous and woefully inadequate,” Senator McKim said.

“He has completely ignored the commission’s recommendation for $200 million to be invested into legal assistance.”

“As the commission noted, cutting this funding is false economy as the burden will shift to other areas of the budget, such as health and human services.”

“In his response, Senator Brandis also confirmed his government’s commitment to a divorce tax, which is a punitive measure aimed at families in crisis.”

“It also appears the government’s war on the environment will continue, with no mention of reinstating the funding that was stripped from Environmental Defenders Offices.”

“The Greens believe that access to justice is a fundamental human right, and will continue to offer a positive alternative during the upcoming election campaign.”

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