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George Brandis must resign or be sacked

If reports of George Brandis instructing the former Solicitor-General to act in a political way and ignore the rule of law are true, he should immediately resign or be sacked as Attorney-General.

"It appears Senator Brandis was trying to interfere with the Solicitor-General to stitch up a politically cosy deal for the Western Australian Liberal Government," Australian Greens Justice spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

"If it looks like corruption and smells like corruption, then it probably is corruption."

"The primary allegiance of the Attorney-General is to the law, not politics."

"An Attorney-General instructing a Solicitor-General to ignore the law and effectively the constitution would be an extraordinary abandonment of the rule of law

"No wonder Senator Brandis was so keen to establish himself as a gatekeeper to the Solicitor-General."

"Senator Brandis should already have lost his job for misleading Parliament. Every day he remains is another failure of leadership by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull."

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