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George Brandis' position looking more untenable by the day

Attorney-General George Brandis' disregard for the rule of law and abuse of process calls into question his suitability for the role, Australian Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim says.

"Senator Brandis has basically been caught out shopping around for politically convenient legal advice on some of the most contentious issues facing the government," Senator McKim said.

"For the Attorney General to have sidelined the Solicitor General when considering the constitutionality of contentious legislation is an extraordinary development."

"Instead of the usual practice of relying on the Solicitor-General's independent advice, the Attorney General has expressed his lack of trust by seeking advice from other sources including the private bar."

"These are serious matters of law, not Tinder. Senator Brandis can't just swipe left until he finds something he likes."

"It is clear that the relationship between the Attorney-General and the Solicitor-General has completely broken down, and the situation is looking more untenable by the day."

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