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Government, ALP, One Nation vote to reduce civil liberties

Media Release
Nick McKim 9 Nov 2016

The Federal government, Labor and One Nation have banded together to vote in further reductions in civil liberties in the name of 'national security'.

"It is very worrying that control orders will now apply to children as young as 14, and we have been given no evidence that this measure will make Australians any safer," Greens Justice spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

"As they have done far too often in recent years, Labor has waved this legislation through Parliament for fear of being seen as 'weak' on national security."

"National security laws in this country have become politicised, reactionary and ad-hoc, and have permanently reduced hard-won civil liberties."

"We need to have a counter-terrorism White Paper with a public consultation process, so we can calmly set a strategic direction to prevent violent extremism based on evidence rather than politics."

"The Greens believe there has been far too much focus on setting draconian laws, and not nearly enough investment in building community cohesion."

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