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Government confirms plans to introduce Divorce Tax

Media Release
Nick McKim 9 Feb 2016

Australian Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs Nick McKim says he is disappointed the federal government is refusing to listen to the Senate and stubbornly pushing ahead with a divorce tax.

Attorney-General George Brandis confirmed during Senate Estimates hearings that he intends to again try to increase court fees, including slugging couples an additional $350 to file for divorce.

“Instead of listening to the Senate, which has twice disallowed this regulation, the Attorney-General is stubbornly persisting with his plan to extract money from families suffering,“ Senator Nick McKim said.

“We know that the cost of the cost of access to courts is the most common barrier for people in Australia now seeking legal help.”

“Court fees are already too high.”

“If he does indeed seek to increase court fees, the Greens will immediately move to disallow.”

“Senator Brandis finally confirmed that two judicial vacancies in Melbourne and Sydney will be filled, but unfortunately the delays in his decision making have caused lengthy waiting lists for families in crisis.”


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