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Government fails to back Dutton's lies over Manus Island shooting

Media Release
Nick McKim 11 May 2017

The government has refused to back Peter Dutton's lies about the Good Friday attacks on Australia’s Manus Island detention centre.

"Michaelia Cash’s response in Question Time today was an effective admission that Peter Dutton lied," Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim said.

"Clearly she did not want to be caught misleading Parliament."

"Minister Cash claimed she didn't want to prejudice the investigation, which is a nonsense given Dutton had no such qualms when he repeatedly lied about the incident."

"Dutton lied to spread hatred against people seeking asylum. For that, and the harm he has caused to refugees and people seeking asylum, he must be sacked."

"The government cannot keep detainees or staff safe on Manus Island or Nauru. They must immediately close the camps and bring every man, woman and child in them here to Australia."

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