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Government needs to withdraw Legal Services Direction

Media Release
Nick McKim 25 Oct 2016

The Government needs to withdraw itsĀ flawed Legal Services Direction before starting the process to appoint a new Solicitor-General, the Australian Greens say.

"No self-respecting lawyer with the capacity to become Solicitor-General would want to be a lapdog to Attorney-General George Brandis,"Ā Greens Justice spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

"If we want the best possible field of applicants and the best person to fill the role, we need to make sure that the independence of the office is paramount."

"Although it is likely that the Senate will reject the Direction, the Government will need to start the process to find a new Solicitor-General immediately, as Mr Gleeson has only given two weeks' notice."

"Given the tight timeframes, if Senator Brandis does not immediately announce that he will withdraw the Direction he risks dissuading qualified applicants from putting their hand up."

"The Direction is unreasonable and unprecedented, and will act as a giant red flag to people considering applying for the role."

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