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Greens help Tasmanians conserve energy

The Greens will hit the streets in coming weeks to help Tasmanians conserve electricity and save money during the energy crisis, showing the leadership the state government has lacked.

Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim, Tasmanian Greens energy spokesperson Rosalie Woodruff and a team of volunteers will visit thousands of homes in coming weeks with a list of tips to save energy.

“Every watt we can save will reduce the environmental harm and economic cost to the taxpayer of burning diesel,” Senator McKim said.

“The government’s only response to the power crisis has been to ration energy for major industrials and to burn millions of litres of diesel, doing damage to the state’s economy, environment and reputation.”

“They have not taken any real steps to help households and small businesses to save power.”

“The Tasmanian public did not create the energy crisis, but we can all do our part in helping the state get through it.”

“Simple things like washing clothes in cold water, draught proofing windows and doors and reducing shower time can make a big difference to power consumption.”

“As this summer of drought, bushfires and unprecedented water temperatures has shown, global warming is affecting Tasmania right now and we need to act accordingly.”

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