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Greens reject Online Safety Bill

Media Release
Nick McKim 16 Mar 2021

The Greens will vote against the Online Safety Bill because it is poorly drafted and could lead to widespread, unintended consequences. 

"This Bill would make the eSafety Commissioner the sole arbiter of internet content in Australia ," Greens Digital Rights spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

"It creates extraordinary powers for any one person to hold, let alone an unelected bureaucrat."

"It also fails to provide for timely reviews or appeals of decisions made by the eSafety Commissioner."

"We are concerned that people opposed to sex work, pornography and sexual health for LGBTIQ+ people could abuse the complaints process to seek to have lawful online adult content removed."

"Public interest news that involves violent imagery, such as footage of police violence, could also be taken down."

"However, the Greens recognise the need to stamp out online abuse, violence, racism and far right extremism, so we call on the government to withdraw this Bill and redraft it."

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