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Greens table Senate’s largest ever petition to protect takayna/Tarkine

Media Release
Nick McKim 6 Dec 2018

Tasmanian Greens Senators Nick McKim and Peter Whish-Wilson have tabled the Senate’s largest ever petition, calling for takayna/Tarkine to be protected as a World Heritage Area.

“takayna/Tarkine is a precious part of Tasmania that should be looked after on behalf of the entire world,” Senator McKim said.

“Some 270,000 people have signed this petition, which just shows the depth of feeling about takayna across Tasmania, Australia and the world.”

“We invite Prime Minister Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to visit takayna/Tarkine and see for themselves why this area is worthy of World Heritage protection.”

Senator Whish-Wilson said:

“takayna is a place of incredible natural and Aboriginal heritage value.”

“It is one of the last strongholds for the Tasmanian devil and contains one of Australia’s largest temperate rainforests.”

“It’s time for the Labor and Liberal parties to step up.”

"We thank the Bob Brown Foundation and Patagonia for their ongoing campaign to protect takayna.”

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