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Immigration Department reveals gaping holes in US "Deal"

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has confirmed that the US is not obliged to accept a particular number of refugees, or indeed any, under the terms of its "deal" with the Australian government.

"We  learned today that the agreement provides no certainty whatsoever for the men, women and children that Australia has detained on Manus Island and Nauru," Greens Immigration spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

"We also learned that people who are currently in Australia for medical reasons, some of whom have been victims of assault, will be forced to return to Nauru or Manus Island before being considered for resettlement in the US."

"This is just not acceptable given the trauma it will cause." 

"The Greens also have serious concerns about the Trump Administration failing to honour this deal and leaving people stranded, particularly given the Department's evidence today that processing applications will take many months in some cases."

"The easiest and most compassionate resolution for the people in offshore detention is to immediately resettle them in Australia."

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