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Manus Island death at Dutton's feet

Media Release
Nick McKim 7 Aug 2017

The death of a man on Manus Island represents an abhorrent failure by Peter Dutton and Malcolm Turnbull, Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.

"This death can be laid squarely at the feet of the man who should have looked after him - Peter Dutton," Senator McKim said.

"This man repeatedly sought Australia's help. The Liberals ignored his pleas and now must bear responsibility for what happened."

"Enough is enough. The detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru must be evacuated and every single detained man, woman and child brought to Australia so they can be properly cared for."

"It's time for Labor MPs to acknowledge this system was established by the Labor Party, and be prepared to vote for a closure of the detention centres and an evacuation to Australia."

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