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Media Release: It's on again as Liberals target Tasmania's High Conservation Value forests

Media Release
Nick McKim 12 Oct 2016

The announcement by Tasmanian Forests Minister Guy Barnett that he will allow logging in Tasmania's high conservation value forests will re-open the community division that have held Tasmania back for too long.

"This signals an appalling attack on Tasmania’s forests and an appalling waste of taxpayer money," Australian Greens Forests spokesperson Janet Rice said.

"It’s clear that the Tasmanian Government is ignoring the carbon value of these significant forests."

"While the federal Liberals have been wasting billions on their Emissions Reduction Fund, their Tasmanian counterparts want to blow any good done by destroying these carbon rich forests."

"This will set the native forest industry against the tourism sector, schools and hospitals which will miss out on much needed investment, and the many tens of thousands of Tasmanians who want these forests protected," Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim said.

"We can now expect more sweetheart deals for logging mates, more public subsidies into a mendicant industry, more emissions and more environmental devastation."

"This is ideologically driven nonsense which ignores the economic reality that native forest logging is not financially viable without massive taxpayer subsidies."

"These are globally significant forests that should be protected for their carbon, for their threatened species, and for the future of Tasmania's tourism industry."

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