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Media Release: Nick McKim to push for an “I-20” at global conference in Korea

Media Release
Nick McKim 29 Sep 2015

Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim will today depart for Jeju, Korea to deliver the keynote address at a conference that will lay the groundwork for an “Island 20” to parallel the G20.

Senator McKim said an “I-20” would help islands to be included in important economic decisions. 

“In many ways, islands are the canaries in the coal mine for problems that the world faces in the 21st Century,” Senator McKim said.

“Islands, including those in our region, are already confronting issues of energy sufficiency, global warming and resultant sea-level rise and extreme weather events.

“But islands can also be hubs of innovation and solutions to some of these difficulties.” 

Senator McKim said Tasmania’s recent history was a great story for other islands.

“Tasmania is in the middle of a transition from a resource extraction based economy to a vibrant, clean, green and diverse society,” Senator McKim said.

“We have what the world wants, and I’ll be going to Jeju to exchange ideas about the future with other islanders.” 

Senator McKim will deliver the keynote address on Thursday.

The trip is privately funded.

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