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Pressure Mounting On Scott Morrison Over Effects Test

Media Release
Nick McKim 3 Mar 2016

Treasurer Scott Morrison needs to listen to the alliance of peak business bodies representing more than one million businesses who want the principles of fairness enshrined in competition law, Greens spokesperson for competition policy Nick McKim says.

“A coalition of businesses and primary producers, who between them employ more than 5 million people, are united behind the need for an effects test to provide a level playing field and fair competition in Australia,” Senator McKim said.

“This unprecedented group, along with the ACCC, the Harper Review and subsequent discussion paper have revealed more than ample evidence of the need for this important change.”

“They reflect what the Greens, the Nationals and some members of the Liberal Party have expressed – all businesses deserve the chance to compete on a level playing field.”

“The choice before Mr Morrison is crystal clear. Will he bow to the tiny number of corporate interests running a scare campaign, or will he act in the interests of all businesses and consumers?”

“If he does choose the national interest, the Greens stand ready to help make the effects test a reality.”

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