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Resignation of the Solicitor-General

Media Release
Nick McKim 24 Oct 2016

Justin Gleeson SC has been run out of office by a government with no regard for proper process or the rule of law, Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim says.

"Mr Gleeson's resignation letter makes it clear that he is sticking to his guns," Senator McKim said.

"There was no doubt a breakdown in trust between the Solicitor-General and the Attorney-General, but this can be laid squarely at the feet of Senator Brandis."

"His personal attacks on Mr Gleeson, his attempts to set himself up as gatekeeper to the Solicitor-General, and his habit of shopping around for politically convenient legal advice left Mr Gleeson with no other option."

"Mr Gleeson has clearly rejected the attacks on him made by Senator Brandis, and is not walking away any of the evidence he gave to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee." 

"This government has a terrible track record of politically attacking independent statutory office holders to try to silence their criticism or hound them out of office."

"Senator Brandis still has serious questions to answer regarding his statements to the Senate and the Committee, and the way he treated Mr Gleeson."

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