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Temporary Visa Holders need genuine income support

Media Release
Nick McKim 4 Apr 2020

The government's response to temporary visa holders in Australia is cruel and callous, Greens Immigration and Citizenship spokesperson Nick McKim says.

"Temporary visa holders are guests in our country and many have lost jobs and income. They need genuine income support right now," Senator McKim said.

"The government is turning its back on people in their hour of need, just as it has done to people seeking asylum for years."

"Not all temporary visa holders have the financial capacity to simply leave. For them this is a sentence to poverty and hunger." 

"This decision will have serious public health implications. How can we ask people to self isolate without income and in some cases without a home?"

"We would expect other countries to look after Australians stuck there, and we should do the same for their people."

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