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Time for Labor to find a spine and reject refugee cruelty

It's time for Labor to grow a spine and reject the government's latest deliberate cruelty against refugees, Australian Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.

"Labor should not need to wait for the legislation to land before deciding whether it has the strength to take a principled stand," Senator McKim said.

“They need to decide whether they are going to line up with the Coalition and One Nation, or whether they have the compassion and strength to vote this hateful legislation down.”

"It is clear that this legislation will breach our international obligations under the Refugee Convention, and that alone should be enough for Labor to say no."

"Confected indignation from Bill Shorten won’t cut it - all that really matters is how he and his team vote in Parliament."

"If Labor MPs are are truly outraged by this proposal, then they should vote against it even if  that means crossing the floor."

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