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Wyatt's excursion could fall foul of counter-terrorism laws

Media Release
Nick McKim 30 Sep 2016

War tourist Wyatt Roy's trip to Iraq could have breached the counter-terrorism laws he helped to pass, Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim says.

"While Mr Roy's excursion to Iraq was reckless, dangerous and stupid, he doesn't deserve to go to jail for up to ten years," Senator McKim said.

"But under the Foreign Fighters amendment to the Criminal Code Act, which Mr Roy voted for, he could soon find himself with very serious questions to answer."

"If it transpires that he did even briefly enter Mosul, a declared area under Section 119 of the Criminal Code Act, he could face a maximum ten-year prison sentence."

"This is a direct consequence of the law and order auction which the Coalition and Labor have been engaging in for the last 15 years."

"Mr Roy's bumbling attempts at backpacker diplomacy have highlighted how poorly drafted and targeted Australia's counter-terrorism laws have become."

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