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Decades of manufacturing decline limits vaccine options, publicly-owned vaccine manufacturer could save lives

The Greens say that decades of decline in Australian manufacturing puts the nation at risk of having fewer options when it comes to Covid-19 vaccines, and have called for a publicly-owned vaccine manufacturer.

Both Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are based on new technology (mRNA), and while CSL has capacity to manufacture the protein based vaccines it doesn’t at this time have the ability to produce mRNA.

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Time to pull the plug on second Basslink

Warwick Smith’s sudden resignation from the viability study of a second Basslink cable should prompt an urgent rethink of the proposal, Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim says.

“Mr Smith’s departure while halfway through a study into the second interconnector gives state and commonwealth governments an opportunity to reconsider their approach,” Senator McKim said.

“They should take off the blinkers and look at all options rather than limiting their thinking to old solutions that have failed Tasmania in the past.”

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Greens Stand Up For Small Business

Australian Greens spokesperson for Small Business and Greens candidate for Higgins Jason Ball have launched a comprehensive plan to give small business a fair go.

“In recent years the Greens have been the real voice for small business, as the establishment parties have looked after their big corporate donors,” Senator McKim said.

“The Greens will continue to fight for an effects test, remove some of the administrative burden and restore the loss-carry-back provisions abolished by the Liberals.”

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Greens unveil plans for an Innovation Nation

The Australian Greens have today released a comprehensive Innovation Policy to back startup enterprises, support STEM education and boost innovation funding.

The policy was launched in Melbourne today with Innovation spokesperson Nick McKim, Industry and Science spokesperson Adam Bandt and Greens candidate for Higgins Jason Ball.

“The Australian Greens will reinvigorate the minds of Australian entrepreneurs by reinvesting the funding to the Entrepreneur’s Infrastructure Program,” Senator McKim said.

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Groundhog Day as Turnbull throws a lifeline to dying coal

The proposal for a second Basslink is Groundhog Day for Tasmania, with former Liberal Minister Warwick Smith being used to work around the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim says.

“The Greens did not establish the CEFC so that it could be pressured by government to throw a lifeline to dirty brown coal generators in the Latrobe Valley,” Senator McKim said.

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Greens help Tasmanians conserve energy

The Greens will hit the streets in coming weeks to help Tasmanians conserve electricity and save money during the energy crisis, showing the leadership the state government has lacked.

Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim, Tasmanian Greens energy spokesperson Rosalie Woodruff and a team of volunteers will visit thousands of homes in coming weeks with a list of tips to save energy.

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Effects Test a Win for Small Business

The introduction of an effects test is a win for small business and consumers, Greens spokesperson for Competition Policy and Small Business Nick McKim says.

“Today is a great step forward, but what we need now is a commitment from Mr Turnbull to legislate for an effects test in this term of government,” Senator McKim said.

“The Greens stand ready to make this happen.”

“Congratulations to the range of businesses and groups who ran such a fantastic campaign for a level playing field.”

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Pressure Mounting On Scott Morrison Over Effects Test

Treasurer Scott Morrison needs to listen to the alliance of peak business bodies representing more than one million businesses who want the principles of fairness enshrined in competition law, Greens spokesperson for competition policy Nick McKim says.

“A coalition of businesses and primary producers, who between them employ more than 5 million people, are united behind the need for an effects test to provide a level playing field and fair competition in Australia,” Senator McKim said.

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Effects Test a challenge of leadership for Scott Morrison

The ACCC’s submission to the Options Paper on strengthening the law against the misuse of market power has again made it abundantly clear that an effects test is needed, Greens spokesperson for Competition Policy Nick McKim says.

“Mr Morrison’s attempt to delay the issue by setting up an options paper has only created more evidence of the need for an effects test,” Senator McKim said.

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Small businesses can remind Scott Morrison of the need for an effects test

The release of a discussion paper on misuse of market power is another chance for Australian businesses to remind Scott Morrison of the obvious need for an effects test, Greens spokesperson for small business and competition policy Nick McKim says.

“Despite its own comprehensive report, and the clear views of small businesses, the ACCC, consumer groups and primary producers, the government is holding another review into the effects test,” Senator McKim said.

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