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Budget Lets Down Students by Failing to Invest in their Future

Nick McKim 4 May 2016

The Federal government has badly let down Australian students, teachers and schools by failing to restore Tony Abbott’s school cuts, and providing only a pittance in extra funding for children with disability, Greens spokesperson for Schools Nick McKim says.

“This is a dismally unfair budget that lets down Australia’s students and fails to invest in our future,” Senator McKim said.

"Malcolm Turnbull has restored just 4% of Tony Abbott’s $30 billion cuts to schools and wants a round of applause from the public."

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Federal Government Abandons Gonski for Class Warfare

Nick McKim 1 May 2016

The Federal government has today confirmed its abandonment of full Gonski funding, Greens spokesperson for Schools Nick McKim says.

“Today’s announcement of funding for ‘high-performing’ schools will redirect resources to the top, and risks reigniting the funding battle between public and private schools,” Senator McKim said.

"It will also work against States, Territories and schools with more disadvantaged students."

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Turnbull puts education in too-hard basket, with health

The Australian Greens say Prime Minister Turnbull has now put public school funding in the too-hard-basket, along with health

"Instead of having the courage to raise the revenue we need to pay for quality schools and hospitals, the Liberals are handing all their responsibilities over to the states," said Greens Leader Richard Di Natale.

"The suggestion that the federal government may not provide any funding for public schools is an extraordinary abandonment of one of the government's key responsibilities.

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Greens continue commitment to fairer schools funding

The Greens have continued their unwavering support for fairer schools funding with the announcement of a $3.5 billion needs-based package to bring about sector blind, equitable funding for all our schools.

“We have never wavered from including years five and six of the National Education Reform Agreement in our costed election platform,” Greens Leader Richard Di Natale said.

“We've had this policy costed at $3.5bn above the Coalition’s schools budget, which has slashed years five and six of NERA.”

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Labor’s commitment to own policy welcome

Nick McKim 28 Jan 2016

Labor’s return to its own policy of fully funding the Gonski reforms are a welcome development, Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Nick McKim says.

“After starting to waver, Labor’s announcement backing the crucial years five and six of Gonski is a welcome return to common sense,” Senator McKim said.

“The Greens have consistently backed the full six years of Gonski funding as a necessary investment into our future, and could never understand Labor hedging its commitment for so long.”

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Funding for full Gonski package is critical

Nick McKim 15 Jan 2016

Full funding for all six years of the Gonski reforms is critical to ensure better educational outcomes for all students, Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Nick McKim says.

“The Gonski package is based on the fairest way to distribute resources on the basis of need, so that Australian children can have the best possible education, regardless of their background,” Senator McKim said.

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Further Delays in Gonski Disability Funding Not Good Enough

Nick McKim 15 Dec 2015

More delays in disability support funding for schools are deeply disappointing, Greens Schools spokesperson Nick McKim says.

“The Liberal Government again delaying promised funding for students with disabilities is a crushing blow for parents and schools alike,” Senator McKim said.

“If the data is not up to scratch, interim arrangements should be put in place to deliver extra support in schools next year while work on the data is completed.”

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Greens call on Turnbull to recall radicalisation booklet

The Greens are calling on Malcolm Turnbull to recall and recycle the Radicalisation Awareness Kit that claims environmentalism is a pathway to violent extremism.

"This booklet is so tainted by Tony Abbott's politics of fear it should be shredded. Malcolm Turnbull has got to assert his leadership and declare Abbott's culture wars are over," said Greens Leader Richard Di Natale.

"Australians who care about our incredible natural environment should be congratulated, not silenced, abandoned and demonised as they have been by this Liberal Government.

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Senator Nick McKim given new portfolio responsibilities

Australian Greens Senator Nick McKim has been allocated the portfolios of Schools; Attorney-General; and Innovation, Small Business and Competition Policy.

Senator McKim said he was excited to be given the portfolios.

“These are major responsibilities and I can’t wait to get my teeth into them.”

“As a former state Minister for Education, I know well the challenges facing our schools, and will continue to fight for the full implementation of the Gonski reforms.”

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