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Chocolate money in the pork barrel leaves a bad taste for Tasmania

Nick McKim 13 May 2016

The cynical rebranding of old money is a transparent electoral ploy by a government desperate to hang on to its marginal Tasmanian seats, Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim says.

“The majority of this funding was Tasmanian Forestry Agreement money that has now twice been promised to the state by the Liberals in election campaigns,” Senator McKim said.

“This money is long overdue, and not nearly enough to make up for the chronic underinvestment by the Liberals, especially in health and education.”

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RFA Review Response Locks in Native Forest Destruction

Janet Rice 7 May 2016

RFA Review Response Locks in Native Forest Destruction


The Tasmanian and Commonwealth governments’ response to the Review of the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) is a clear indication of the Abbott-Turnbull government's wilful blindness to the ongoing destruction of our native forests, say the Australian Greens.


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Federal Government Cuts To Legal Assistance Will Hurt Vulnerable Australians

The Government’s decision not to restore cuts to Legal Aid and Community Legal Centres (CLCs) in yesterday’s budget will continue to deny access to justice for some of the most vulnerable members of the community, Greens spokesperson for Justice Nick McKim says.

“Yet again, the Government has ignored those most in need to look after corporations and the very wealthy,” Senator McKim said.

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Budget Lets Down Students by Failing to Invest in their Future

Nick McKim 4 May 2016

The Federal government has badly let down Australian students, teachers and schools by failing to restore Tony Abbott’s school cuts, and providing only a pittance in extra funding for children with disability, Greens spokesperson for Schools Nick McKim says.

“This is a dismally unfair budget that lets down Australia’s students and fails to invest in our future,” Senator McKim said.

"Malcolm Turnbull has restored just 4% of Tony Abbott’s $30 billion cuts to schools and wants a round of applause from the public."

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Federal Government Abandons Gonski for Class Warfare

Nick McKim 1 May 2016

The Federal government has today confirmed its abandonment of full Gonski funding, Greens spokesperson for Schools Nick McKim says.

“Today’s announcement of funding for ‘high-performing’ schools will redirect resources to the top, and risks reigniting the funding battle between public and private schools,” Senator McKim said.

"It will also work against States, Territories and schools with more disadvantaged students."

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Federal Government’s Woeful Response to Access to Justice Report

Attorney-General George Brandis continues to ignore the massive barriers preventing access to justice across Australia, Greens spokesperson for legal affairs Nick McKim says.

“Senator Brandis’ response to the Productivity Commission’s report was contemptuous and woefully inadequate,” Senator McKim said.

“He has completely ignored the commission’s recommendation for $200 million to be invested into legal assistance.”

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Greens Welcome AFAC Report on Tasmanian Bushfires

The Greens welcome the operational review into the management of the Tasmanian bushfires.

While the review rightly lauds the work of our hardworking firefighters, it identifies a number of areas of improvement, such as staff numbers, training, aerial firefighting and communication with the public.

Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim said the state government should adopt all of the recommendations contained within the review.

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Groundhog Day as Turnbull throws a lifeline to dying coal

The proposal for a second Basslink is Groundhog Day for Tasmania, with former Liberal Minister Warwick Smith being used to work around the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim says.

“The Greens did not establish the CEFC so that it could be pressured by government to throw a lifeline to dirty brown coal generators in the Latrobe Valley,” Senator McKim said.

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Greens help Tasmanians conserve energy

The Greens will hit the streets in coming weeks to help Tasmanians conserve electricity and save money during the energy crisis, showing the leadership the state government has lacked.

Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim, Tasmanian Greens energy spokesperson Rosalie Woodruff and a team of volunteers will visit thousands of homes in coming weeks with a list of tips to save energy.

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