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Government confirms plans to introduce Divorce Tax

Nick McKim 9 Feb 2016

Australian Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs Nick McKim says he is disappointed the federal government is refusing to listen to the Senate and stubbornly pushing ahead with a divorce tax.

Attorney-General George Brandis confirmed during Senate Estimates hearings that he intends to again try to increase court fees, including slugging couples an additional $350 to file for divorce.

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ASIO head deserves better than attacks from Liberal backbenchers

Nick McKim 17 Dec 2015

The head of ASIO deserves better than criticism from ill-informed Liberal backbenchers, Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs Nick McKim says.

“ASIO Director General Duncan Lewis is quite right to point out that fuelling a backlash against Muslims makes it harder for ASIO to do its job, and to call for a more temperate tone to the debate,” Senator McKim said

“Mr Lewis’ comments should send a very strong message to Liberal backbenchers to refrain from stirring up racial tension for partisan political purposes.”

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Declared Dangerous Criminal Laws Should Follow Rules of Natural Justice

Nick McKim 11 Dec 2015

The Government needs to put a greater focus on deradicalisation both in and out of prison, Greens legal affairs spokesperson Nick McKim says.

“The national response to violent extremism must also include comprehensive, evidence based deradicalisation programs in prison, post release, and in the wider community,” Senator McKim said.

“Declaring offenders as too dangerous for release is already an option within most Australian jurisdictions.”

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Citizenship Laws Should Be Scrapped, Not Amended

Nick McKim 26 Nov 2015

The Government’s confirmation that its flawed Citizenship Bill will be amended yet again is another argument against its passage through Parliament, Greens legal affairs spokesperson Senator Nick McKim says.

“No matter what changes the government makes, the Bill does nothing to make Australians safer – either at home or overseas,” Senator McKim said.

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Amendments Don’t Change Major Flaws In Citizenship Legislation

Nick McKim 11 Nov 2015

The Government's decision to support amendments to the Australian Citizenship (Allegiance to Australia) Bill does not change the fundamental flaws in the legislation, Greens Legal Affairs spokesperson Senator Nick McKim says.

“This Bill is dangerously and irreparably flawed at every level,” Senator McKim said.

“The Greens remain concerned at the Bill’s human rights, rule of law and constitutional implications.”

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Getting rid of Australian Institute of Criminology counter-productive

Nick McKim 5 Nov 2015

The takeover of the Australian Institute of Criminology by the Australian Crime Commission is short-sighted and risks increased crime rates in the long term, Australian Greens legal affairs spokesperson Senator Nick McKim says.

“The AIC plays an important role in understanding what causes crime, and developing policy to reduce crime levels,” Senator McKim said.

“But it is not a law enforcement agency, and losing the AIC risks Australia missing out on world class crime and justice research”.

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